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#002 - DARK KNIGHT_edited_edited.jpg


The idea for DRIPPED came about in my search for a cool and unique way in which clothing could make a statement. Most of the fashion available I see lack personality and are heavily over-priced.


I observed that people are paying top dollar for name brand clothing that they get no pleasure out of wearing.

I wanted to develop something that would be recognized and respected without relying on a name or logo to carry its value. 


Something that can capture the eyes attention immediately.

Something Unique,

Something Classy,

Something Expressive.

January of 2021, DRIPPED was born!  


Dripped is here to fit your personal preference and reflect your identity through color. Bringing you wearable abstract art that is diverse, edgy, fresh, and reasonably priced.


Coming out of the most dull year of recent times, we have entered a new era of personal expression and visible communication with an explosion of color. It’s time to live free and be yourself!


“The goal with dripped was to stand out amongst the crowds,

but not break the bank too look and feel amazing”

All of our abstract designs are original works of art.

It’s time to get DRIPPED!

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