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The Official Loyalty Rewards Coin for Dripped





$DRIPPED is a loyalty rewards digital asset currency created for the company known as DRIPPED, a luxury abstract art clothing company located in Las Vegas.


The $DRIPPED coin was created to be the main digital transaction asset for DRIPPEDGEAR.COM.


The coin will be used for rewards to customers purchasing at our retail shops on the internet and in the Metaverse.

In January 2023 $DRIPPED holders will begin earning a reward every month for their holdings. This leads to incredible upside price potential.


The rewards program will begin at a 1 to 1 ratio!

Earning 100% for the first month of 2023!


Instant investment value!


First Rewards Distribution begins in January 2022.


Earning passive income every month is one of $DRIPPED's key features!


You can either HODL and stack for value to increase over the long term, or transfer

and or swap to other pairs available.


We believe rewarding the customer and letting them start accumulating as they purchase is a major key asset to the investor!



The online store features over 400 unique items and is updated with fresh options monthly!


Dripped currently offers various clothing and options, sporting the authentic style and look dripped brings to the masses.


“You can spot a dripped product right away”


“When you look around everyone is wearing solid colors mostly. Dripped has a very unique way of expression thru colors and design”


Dripped first started as a wall art gallery and then expanded to a product line in 2020-2021.


$DRIPPED's key features is to reward the investor and

customer with life long value and utility!



We are planning to add the online shop DRIPPEDGEAR.COM

XRP And DRIPPED as additional means of payment for product purchases.

DRIPPEDGEAR.COM will be offering NFT purchasing in the future!


The company will offer many wearable options in the Metaverse.


1 of 1 products can be purchased using $DRIPPED starting in Q2 of 2022.


Dripped will be featuring one of one physical products as well as Metaverse wearables.

Dripped the company and coin has been in

development since the beginning of 2020.


“Every single art works is a unique piece, no duplicates or copy and paste. All unique pieces of abstract art with a specific theme”


Slapping a logo or branding across everything, was not the correct way to showcase these pieces of art, let the artwork speak for itself.”


Dripped is a brand ready to compete at the top level of the fortune 500 companies we know and wear today.

The gorgeous design and illusive concepts of abstract artwork

is what sets DRIPPED apart from any other brand on market!


Our collections range from Jackets, Shoes, Bags, Various Cases and so much more!

The mission is crystal clear. Earn passive income within the $DRIPPED ecosystem, bringing you the investor, value and utility for decades to come!

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